Why God Is So Upset With The World That It Is Being Destroyed

The confusion about climate change and global warming is such a far out debate that one must sit back and wonder at how man’s thinking is so far beyond reality. In Australia we have perfect weather to create all the power we need from the sun and wind. But are we doing that? No! The arguments for such things as coal-fired power stations that send carbon pollution around the world continues to dominate and override common sense.

The ex Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is now gaining attention by threatening to overturn any clean-energy targets. He is the one who has stood in the way of solar energy companies gaining a foot-hold over the power industry. His legacy is such that even same-sex marriage has been drawn out into a postal vote that is dividing the nation.

So where is common sense and how can anyone function when there is so much disputing of it. Why is the world in such dire-straits that we are now threatened with nuclear war? Why is the earth’s atmosphere so polluted that the conditions will soon no longer support life? Why is God so upset with us that the world as we know it is being destroyed?

One doesn’t have to look far for answers. In my case I was treated to a number of visions that followed a commission to tear down the wall of confusion and deliver the spiritual people. We are in the end times and nothing can stop what is happening and about to occur.

My reincarnation is proof that religions are the key to explaining how the evil of the world has become so great. Between lives while with the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, a vision was given to me of my life ahead and the time when 45 years would become important. That was when the first commission was received.

The wall is of such a size that it is unable to be breached. It spreads the length and breadth of the earth and no one can bypass it without the Spirit showing the way. In a vision I was lifted high above the earth from where I looked down on a planet encased in thick black goo. Nothing could cut through it.

Suddenly a bright light shot out from me and it penetrated the goo and then spread around the earth under it. As the light grew in strength it pushed it up breaking it in pieces and went off into space.

In another vision I saw a huge black ribbon come out from Rome (the Catholic Church) and it went to Sicily and then wrapped around the world so encasing it. Following that I was shown how the Mafia has grown out of the religion and it has spread the evil and horror of its corruption.

In fulfilling my commission I was shown how Constantine is 666 and he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD based on Islamic principles. It is not known that he was of that persuasion and is the Amorite and the Assyrian spoken of in the Old Testament. As well he is the Second Beast identified in Revelation 13:12-18.

He invented Jesus Christ and restored, Mary, the Mother God of Babylon as the chief god that oversees the religion. The Vatican stands on the premise that it holds the keys to heaven and that anyone who does not belong to it will burn in hell for eternity.

All lies, magic, and smoking mirror. There is no heaven or hell but these things are the props that increase its power. The fact that people madly follow the religious lies is the main reason why the real God is upset and about to destroy the world. Nothing can change that.

This is what is coming and happening now:

“For the indignation of God is upon all nations, and God’s fury upon all their armies… (to)… utterly destroy them. God hath delivered them to the slaughter. Their slain shall be cast out, and their stink shall come out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood” Isaiah 34:2,3

The mountains are the places of religious teaching and the false gods.

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